Author Statement

This web site allows me to share much of what matters most to me in life with a larger group of people than would otherwise be possible. With  people, too, who come without prejudice or limitations in my regard. Many of those who seem to know you best often know you least. Once you are neatly boxed in and assigned convenient labels, they can  find it impossible to recognize you in the different lighting that appears when you change or grow in ways that do not conform to their boxes and labels. This site is a formal repository for my completed writings to date. The Books section provides synopses and purchasing information regarding four books, two of which have been released in 2012. Current plans for this section include bonus material, pertinent links, and the addition of any needed updates. Fire in the Dark took twenty-five years to complete and is surely the best effort to date of demoniacal forces at large to drive me mad. The Taxonomy of Behavioral Objectives and Social Readiness Program took much less time to develop but seemed to have been on the same mission. Huge projects these, yet the efforts they required in trying to make a positive difference in the world have been rewarded beyond measure, and I am proud of all three. And The Mouth Is For Talking ...well... remembering Mary is just maybe the greatest sweetness in my life thus far. My heart she took by surprise, and there a part of her remains. The Reflections section takes you to fifty reflections on life.  While the origins of these reflections have their roots in my own life, it is my hope that many of the subjects and how they have been dealt with are sufficiently universal to speak to your life as well. These reflections form part of a discernment process of inner discoveries that began consciously and formally in 1973. Arranged into twenty  themes, many of these reflections are accompanied by contextual comments which provide background that some readers may find of interest. Many too are followed by photographs of commissioned calligraphies that complement the texts through their visual and artistic interpretations.  Future plans for this section include audio recitations of several pieces, as well as addition of new material. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and other  than having lived in Italy for two years in my twenties and taught in Texas for two, I have always been satisfied to remain rooted right where I am. Despite the excitement and importance of traveling to places far  away and experiencing all manner of new things to learn and do, the journey I most prefer and to which I keep coming back is the one within myself. The endless places of mind and soul that there I find have long upstaged all other contenders for my  attention and remained center-stage to my sense of the essential meaning of who I am. Truth, Beauty, and Today are my greatest encouragements and favorite places to linger. As ideas, they turn me on something crazy. I wish getting to know them better did not require near-equal time trying to escape the barrage of human enticements that would lead me away from them.  And though I could never possess these three wonders of inspiration or even be sure I am coming closer to them, yet there they are—Truth, Beauty, Today—omnipresent, indispensable, eternal, irresistible.  And if all I ever achieve is knowing I have given my best to the journey to be closer to them, who says I’m not lucky?