Social Readiness Program

(with Fran Hewitt) - a publication of Portland Habilitation Center, Inc. An individualized behavior management system that completes the Taxonomy of Behavioral Objectives. This is a free-standing tool designed for daily use to systematically monitor, train, and establish maintenance of 64 “readiness” behaviors – behaviors that are assumed prior conditions to almost any performance task and basic social interaction. Originally developed for use with individuals with exceptional needs, the program merits consideration for use in regular classroom settings as well. Implementation is recommended in conjunction and simultaneously with whatever skill training an individual is receiving.
The cover of the Social Readiness Program that appears below and on the preceding page is the cover of the original 1982 version of the work, which is no longer available in that format. In 1992 the Social Readiness Program and the Taxonomy of Behavioral Objectives were combined into a single 3-ring binder, and this one-volume set is still available from Portland Habilitation Center. Click "Buy the Book" for purchasing information. Though the combined 1992 version is not a revision of the 1982 content, combining the two works into one brought with it, among other things, the opportunity for some needed clarification and comment. In addition, both books underwent a significant name change; namely, the reference to "mentally handicapped persons" was dropped from the original titles because both works can be used successfully with individuals regardless of their specific abilities, and because our society's language has become more sensitive in its description of people with disabilities.

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