When through my eyes' ten thousand doors the sun steps deep inside my world, its arms stretch on and on and on throughout the dream-mist of my core, weaving in and out among those lacy forests green where to and from in shades of light the dance of life in love with life inebriates the calm. It's then that shadows move on breeze-born wings and shimmerings fill the mirrored airways of my soul. Illuminations breathe, and O SWEET ECSTASY in your still point stirs the wildest place on earth. October 1988

    COMMENT:   [In those moments when the sun enters my eyes from the side rather than straight on, such that it enters in full force, unfiltered and unencumbered, and there is no need to squint, I almost always find myself in what I am sure is a state of ecstasy.

    The “ten thousand doors” in this piece are those formations that can be seen in the iris of the eye and that I interpret as entrance doors; a close-up look in a mirror will reveal how numerous they are. The illuminations referred to “breathe” because they have taken on a life of their own inside me.

    During the experiences of ecstasy to which this reflection refers, if we are together you will not find me.  rt]

    Photo Credits Text: Talarico / Calligraphy: DuBosch / Photography: Bachhuber