In places of the mind —beyond the reach of every limitation— the meaning of the journey sets itself free in me again. Around my soul it wraps its arms. The vision lives.   And I am strong again. And I come back again. To walk the road again.   For always in those places of the mind life's meaning resurrects.   June 1990

    COMMENT:  [When I am feeling burdened by too many stimuli, too many things to do and consider, or too many people to deal with, I, like probably most people, go in search of recovery and try to re-energize.

    Sometimes I go outside myself for this—into the wild or for a walk in the neighborhood, for example. Other times I just on the spot let my head turn empty of thought altogether. But usually I turn inward and travel the loosely knit spaces I find there.

    I am able to attain the restoration I need almost only when I am alone with myself. I grasp life’s meaning best from within the private quarters of my being.

    And when I take the time to go inside myself without distractions, to absorb and take refuge in the connectedness that comes to me there, it is then I am able to return to you and give my best.  rt]

    Photo Credits Text: Talarico / Calligraphy: DuBosch / Photography: Bachhuber